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Become Professional Power Plant by Giving My Best Contribution

Nowadays competition of Power plant business is begins in Indonesia. Only professional power plant can stay and win emulation. Human resource is one of the important assets which determine it. Professional company can be reach easily by qualified human resources that supported by knowledge, experienced, attitude, working method, technological facility, and company target or direction. PJB has realized it and one of the programs to reach is pre employment trainee program. This program is different with other company pre employment trainee program. It took 2 year and some one who going to be employed should be evaluated first in attitude and also has minimum three certificates competent. I, Writer joined in this program in 2004 and succeeded become PJB Employed in 2006. I am placed in PJB Services Since entering first time in PJB. PJB Services is subsidiary company of PJB and its main Core Business is Operation and maintenance services of power plant. It has very different from PJB. The first one year in PJB Services I get many experienced in many project of power plant. After firsts year in the project my duties is on Cilacap Coal Fired Steam Power Plant as the and getting many experience with operation and maintenance. Working in project and power plant encourage me about technical and personal development self learning. I found also many challenges there.The first year in PJB Services give me many experiences. I have involved in many project like Major Overhaul PLTU and PLTGU in Belawan, Major overhaul PLTU 27 MW PT Suparma, Surabaya, EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction ) Diesel Engine 4, 7 MW, Tanjung pandan Belitung and other projects. Our main duties is support the manager project to plan the project include schedule, human resources, material and to control the project running well base on plan. Schedule is very important matter in project, because it show Project efficiency. Actually, It is my first challenge. Before I make schedule, I have to know scope of work and make collaboration with our human resources,. Project condition forced me to increase our technical competency so that we should become fast learning typical. Maintain company positive image is very important, because our value is representative company value. We should give the customer satisfaction by show our best performance discipline, good attitude, good coordination and communication. Soft skill and hard skill is very required. I got many challenge here. If there are some problems that make project delay, we should solve the problem as soon as possible. Other my challenge is making a good record and report. High dedicated, high skill and high care employee will bring PJB Services one of world class electricity company services.
Since 2005, I have been working at Cilacap Power Plant. This power plant is one of implementation of The fast track program 10,000 MW Project. It belongs to PT Sumber Segara Primadaya, joint venture companies between PT Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB) and PT Sumber Energi Sakti Prima (SSP). As an implementation of two years warranty facility, Operation and Maintenance (OM) in Cilacap CFSPP is conducted by Huadian Qing Shan Power Plant which is appointed by Cheng Da as Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC). While PJBS under cooperation contract with PT S2P is appointed as local OM. Become Operator for 2 x 300 MW Steam Power Plant is my job for first year in Cilacap. Hence, I begin to learn about Chinese power plant characteristic. It have different characteristic from Japan’s and American’s. I think this my big opportunity because there will many Chinese power plant operate in Indonesia in future.. Knowing Chinese Power Plant earlier is one way to make sure that others Chinese Power Plant will work properly in the future. Chinese Steam power plant have good thermal efficiency, I think almost the same with Japanese or American Power Plant. It has new technology. We must pay more attention to its equipments reliability. My main job was to coordinate Indonesian operator in my team. My team work together with Chinese operator team and here we absorb knowledge about Chinese power plant from them. Here we can learn how to work with foreigner, take their superiority and left their weak. I am sure that this process will give us enough knowledge to operate and manage power plant especially Chinese power plant in future.
After one year as operator coordinator, PT. S2P gave me opportunity to join with Operation Planning and Control Department as Senior Staff Performance Staff and Improvement Cilacap Coal Fired Steam Power Plant (CFSPP). As senior staff performance test and improvement, there are many responsibilities according job description item.
a. Routine
a. Performance Test
Planning, compiling and conducting performance test and also reporting of the work result so that can know equipments performance.
b. Improvement
1. Conducting controlling, study and also evaluate losses of energy turbine, boiler and also equipment auxiliary.
2. Conducting planning, unit analysis and including stages steps of improvement ( SOP, Standard of Job and modification of project)
3. Planning, controlling and monitoring operation of auxiliary turbine, Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant.
4. Executing duty as team of ISO 9001 to improve efficiency and quality.
5. Making report according to standard format as consideration for the management in intake of decision
6. Assisting to monitor admission filling of log sheet.
b. Non Routine
a. Conducting incidental duty according to guide of superior so that every problem is quickly finished.
b. Conducting duty delegated by superior to attain of maximal performance
Cilacap Power Plant operation and maintenance is supported by MAXIMO. It is An Asset Optimization Program (AOP). The program helps us working efficiently in Operation and maintenance. Working in a China coal fired steam power plant is challenging.. We have many experience of it. Chinese power plant use different standard. It’s GB standard. Minimum English manual operation and maintenance book also is my challenge. It made me study hard, to understand operation procedure. As we know that operation and maintenance manual book take important role to assure proper operation and maintenance. With proper operation and maintenance equipment life time can stay along time. Chinese also has low English speaking capability. It made me difficult to coordinate with them. Our Company Mission is make sure PT. S2P, as our customer that PJB Services is professional company and ready to take over Operation and Maintenance Cilacap Power Plant.

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