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Pump Bowl Assembly

Pump Bowl Assembly
The bowl assembly is the heart of the vertical turbine pump.
The impeller and diffuser type casing are designed to deliver the
head and capacity that your system requires in the most efficient
way possible. The fact that the vertical turbine pump can
be multistaged to allow maximum flexibility both in the initial
pump selection and in the event that future system modification
requires a change in the pump rating. Submerged impellers
allow pump to be started without priming.

Standard Design Features
1. SUCTION BELL – Allow smooth entry of liquid into impeller
eye, minimizes vortex formation.
2. SUCTION BELL BEARING – Provided for shaft stability.
3. SAND COLLAR – Prevents solids from entering suction
4. IMPELLER – Semi-open or enclosed for appropriate service
5. TAPER LOCK – Carbon or alloy steel for fastening impellers
on 17” and smaller sizes.
6. KEYED – Impeller fastened onto shaft by key and split ring.
7. PUMP SHAFT – Heavy duty 416SS standard, available in
316, 17-4 PH, Monel and other alloys for high strength and
corrosion resistance.
8. INTERMEDIATE BOWL – Available in variety of cast materials.
Glass lined cast iron standard 6” through 15” sizes.
9. STAGES – Flanged and bolted together for ease of
maintenance. Registered fits assure positive alignment.
10. SLEEVE TYPE BEARING – Provided at each stage to assure
stable operation away from critical speed.
In addition to standard features and options
shown here, other features are available.
A. Hydraulic balancing of impellers to reduce axial downthrust
and achieve longer thrust bearing life.
B. Independent flushing of bowl bearings and wear rings for
abrasive services.
C. Hard facing of shaft journals and bearings to protect against
abrasion and increase interval between maintenance periods.
D. Interior coating on bowls for improved efficiency.
E. Dynamic balancing of impellers.
F. Strainer to prevent foreign objects from entering the pump.

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